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president obama and governor romney prepare for their last the day. is there anyone left to persuade? he stripped of his seven titles, lance armstrong is given a lifetime ban from the sport he once ruled. a is nothing sacred? the 07 trades in his signature martini for a beer. as james bond sold out in skyfall? welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. 15 days to go until the presidential election. it seems unbelievable that there are voters left that have not made up their mind. but tonight, the final debate could be the event that tips them. this race is very tight. mark starts our coverage from the debate site. >> it won't come down to the foot of a coin, but the election hangs in there. he takes a little time on the florida beach. with only one opponent down tonight, he probably doesn't feel as still as he looks. they will set out how they think america should act abroad. president obama says he has his record. he says he rebuild america's image and to mend relations. but he says he has failed to give strong leadership to the world, particularly over
this behavior. >> welcome to gmt. david eades. also, the final phase of the presidential tv showdown as obama and romney debate foreign policy. who is the winner this time? gaza its first visit from the head of state, the premier of qatat brings a massive construction plan. it is 7:00 in the morning in washington, 7:00 p.m. in beijing and midday in london. jimmy savile was once the uk's favorite tv personality as the start the 1970's and 1980's. he was untouchable. peace sexually abused potentially hundreds of girls during his decades of success. now he's dead, but the scandal has come alive, reaching the top of the channel he was associated with, the bbc. today and the head of the corporation is facing questions from a parliamentary committee about how much he knew of jimmy savile's behavior and the decision to drop a hard-hitting tv expos a of the man at another time the the shell was preparing a glowing tributes of the man. first let's recap some of the main points. george entwistle was asked about the extent of the abuse in the '70s and '80s. >> there's no question what jimmy savile did a
. i would imagine that obama is making sure every single preparation is made up for possible difficulties in new york and beyond. >> the state out that these cuts are already telling people that it is time now, to get your kits and plans in place. presidentially that would be the advice as well. >> thanks for joining us along the coastline, and to keep out of the water. china has hit back at "the new york times," which claimed that hugeiabao's amassed a fortune during his time in office. the website has been blocked in china. former political star bo xilai has been expelled from parliament, setting the stage for a criminal prosecution. >> he was one of china's most powerful and charismatic politicians, but now stripped of immunity from prosecution, bo xilai faces the prospect of jail. chinese state tv announced that he had been expelled from parliament, paving the way up for charges. it is is remarkable fall from grace for a man who had once been tipped as one of china's future leaders. the political scandal had this that police chief trying to defect from the consulate in ja
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3